Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

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Chicago Murder Mystery Dinner Parties
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 Murder Mystery Dinner Parties is the highest rated murder mystery company in Chicago!
BEST MURDER MYSTERY IN ILLINOIS SINCE 2001! Check out our reviews and ratings!
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We require a 30 person minimum for all parties!

You can have a smaller group size, but the minimum is the same.


Everyone in your group becomes a character!

The length of the party determines the amount of activities included!

All prices are a flat rate. There are no extra fees involved!

45 Minute Party -  $20 per person

1 Hour Party! -  $25 per person

1 1/2 hour Party -  $30 per person

2 Hour Party - $35 per person

Full-Length Party - 2 1/2 hours - $40 per person

(Most common party length for all group sizes).

Tip amount is determined by you!

Everything is included in the above pricing: Tax, directors, materials, props, travel, sound system, etc.

If you have your party at a restaurant, the restaurant will charge you for food.


During the month of December we only offer the Full-length, 2 hour, or 90 min. parties. During any month of the year, if we have to travel more than 2 hours from Chicago to get to your location, we also only offer these party lengths! For 2 hours of driving time, we require 50 paid guests. For more than 3 hours driving time, we require a 100 paid guests minimum.

Tip amount is determined by you and we always appreciate whatever you give our directors!

Dinner prices are separate and determined by the restaurant. Your party does not have to be held in a restaurant. We can go to any location you want (home, office, church, school, etc.).

Plan your party in 3 easy steps:

1. Pick the mystery theme you want for your party!

2. Contact us at: 708-637-4620 to reserve the date and time you want.


We ask for a $100 deposit to hold your date.

3. Choose the Venue you would like to use for your party!

You're done! Send out the invitations!

We  travel anywhere !

We travel out of state for parties of 100 or more!

To book your party, we require a non-refundable $100 deposit!

(Deposit is applied to the final payment)

Call: 708-637-4620

Or Email us: [email protected]

We are professional event planners that have many years of experience planning Murder Mystery Dinner Parties. We can customize your Murder Mystery Dinner Party to fit your individual needs and budget.