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Non-Murder Mystery!  Mysteries Without  Murder!

Our adult mysteries, any theme, can also be non-murder. We call them Mysteries Without Murder! You solve a crime...not a murder. Just tell us that you want a Mystery Without Murder for your party! Our kits can also be made without murder!

This mystery is for ages 14 and under!

Mystery Of the

 Missing Prize!

Welcome to Oh Henry's!

Today is the grand opening of the Lucky Derby Race Track! Our first horse race was scheduled for today, but the grand prize is missing so we had to cancel the race!

Hint: You could be a jockey in the race!

We have a lot of fun activities planned for you!

Play a game of blackjack or roulette!

Oh Henry's is having a 1920's theme today!


The dance contest is in full swing and we have a lot of talented people here today!

 Hint: You will be a dancer!

Can you help solve this mystery and get the prize back?

Hint:The prize is a big sack of candy and you get to keep it! 

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The party lasts for 45 Mins- 1 hour (depends on the size of the group)