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You Are Formally Invited To The Annual Party At Uncle Arthur's Estate!

Uncle Arthur has recently passed on and left his entire fortune to his nephew!

The nephew is having a party at his newly acquired mansion in honor of his uncle.
Uncle Arthur made his fortune from owning casinos. Every year, Uncle Arthur would celebrate the anniversary of the opening of his very first casino in 1946. Uncle Arthur always asked his party guests to dress in 1940s fashion. Uncle Arthur would set up game tables for everyone to play casino games like Blackjack and Roulette. He played the music of the 40s and had dancing and singing contests for his guests.
He even gave out prizes during the parties  and everyone had a great time!
Now his nephew is continuing his uncle's parties  and he's invited all of his friend's and family, including you!

Win Prizes!

Play a game



OR Blackjack!

Dance to the music of the 40's!

The nephew has hired a Detective to watch over the party guests. He has been hearing strange noises in the mansion at night and he thinks someone has been trying to break in. He has also received several death threats and  he doesn't feel safe. People can be so strange when it comes to an inheritance!

Was Uncle Arthur's fall down the stairs an accident or was he pushed?

Maybe the noises that the nephew is hearing are coming from Uncle Arthur's spirit? Maybe he is  still roaming around the mansion?  Maybe he has a message or a warning for someone? 

The detective has discovered that Uncle Arthur's Will was changed just one day before his death! He also found a letter warning everyone coming to the party to watch their backs! NO ONE IS SAFE AT THIS PARTY! The detective thinks there is a murderer or two among the party guests!

Can You Solve The Crimes At Uncle Arthur's Estate?

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3. Tell us where to bring our mystery party to: Home, office, restaurant, etc..
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Rum and Coca Cola
The Andrews Sisters (The Best of The Andrews Sisters)