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                          Chicago Murder Mystery Dinner Parties 


Murder At The Haunted Speakeasy!

The year is 1927 and murder is a frequent occurrence at this violent Speakeasy!

The spirits of the gangster's victims are seeking revenge!

Can you help the spirits get their revenge on the gangsters?

 One of the most popular spirits at Oh Henry's is Madame Victoria! 

She keeps a close eye on everyone at the Speakeasy, especially the gangsters!
Play a game of Blackjack or Roulette

at this haunted Speakeasy....

Try to win the dance and singing contests!

Bet on the horse race! Win a prize!

Don't get caught in the police raid!

Bootlegging, gambling, cheating and murder are the popular past times at our speakeasy.

Everyone in your group becomes a character! 

Music from the 20s fills the air.

The cops are keeping a close eye on the bootleggers.

Oh Henry's has had a lot of violent characters come through its' doors.

Several murders take place.

Everyone is a suspect! 

It is up to each person to solve the crimes. 

Can you solve the crimes?

The winners get prizes!

This is a very interactive event!

Everyone in your group has a part in the mystery!

Several murders take place and it's up to each person to solve the crimes. 

Hint: The victims and the killers are members of your party!



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