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Download one of our murder mystery kits to run your own party!
These kits are perfect for: Corporate Parties,  Birthdays, Weddings, Holidays,  Bachelorette Parties, Anniversaries,  Gilr's Night Out,  or any other get together or celebration!

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions!

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Murder Mystery Kits!

1920s Gangster Murder Mystery Kit. $55 each! 
Perfect for all parties: birthdays, bachelorette , corporate, or any occasion!

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Employee Revenge Murder Mystery Kit! $55 each!
Perfect for corporate parties!

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Christmas Kits:

1920s Gangster Christmas Murder Mystery Kit.  $55 each! To purchase, click the "Buy My Product " button below.

Christmas Employee Revenge Kit  Murder Mystery Kit  $55 each!  To purchase, click the "Buy My Product" button below.

Perfect for home, office, or any party!

For small, medium, large or huge group sizes! There is no size limit!

The kit is a condensed version of our professional parties.

This is not like the cheesy store bought games. This is the real deal!

 You will get exactly the same materials that our directors use to facilitate our live professional parties.

You will get easy step by step instructions explaining exactly how to run the party on your own.

The mystery should last for about 90 minutes!

You can have as many people as you want! There is no limit to your group size!

Best for a group size of at least 9 or more! 

Everyone plays a character role!

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Download and print out.  

Kits are $55 each.

Choose from 1920s Gangster, Employee Revenge!, !920s Christmas Gangster,  Or  Christmas Employee Revenge!

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1920 Gangster Murder Mystery Kit

108 pages:

Travel back in time to the Roaring 20's!

The year is 1927! Prohibition is in full swing.

The place is “Oh Henry’s Speakeasy”!

Try your luck at the Blackjack tables!

This is a very interactive event!

Everyone plays a part in the mystery!

Your character could be a Gangster, a Flapper, a Cop, etc.

Some of the characters are guests at the Speakeasy, others are regulars here, and some are the workers.

The rest are cold-blooded killers!

The cops are keeping a close eye on the bootleggers. The gangsters are mean and the killers are merciless. Oh Henry's has had a lot of violent characters come through its' doors.

Several murders take place!

Everyone is a suspect!

It’s up to each person to solve the crimes.

The mystery is filled with surprises!

There is always something going on.

Can you solve the crimes?

All sales are final! No refunds!

Employee Revenge! Murder Mystery Kit

  75 pages:

It's time for promotions here at 

"Cutting Edge Office Supplies"! 

Tensions have been building between several of the employees because the wrong people are being promoted. The boss thinks this party will help brighten everyone's spirits.A company called "Reaching New Heights Team-Building Group" has been hired to lead all of the fun activities at the party!  

Suddenly, tragedy strikes!

Someone is murdered! But, who did it?

Could it be the office brown-nose, or maybe it was the back-stabber? Maybe it was the office gossiper?

There are several disgruntled employees, but is it the power hungry jerk or the office bimbo that wants revenge? 

Or does someone want to get revenge on them?

Everyone in your group has a part in the mystery!

We ask you, the party planner, to pick several very outgoing people in your group to play certain character roles that require them to be in the spotlight.

Several murders take place and it's up to each person to solve the crimes.Everyone becomes a character and they have a part to play as their character. Can your team solve the crimes?

All sales are final! No refunds!