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Birthday Murder Mystery

Our two popular birthday party themes:
1920s Gangster
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Birthday Surprise!


It's your special day! Your friends and family are celebrating with you!


You are all playing fun games like: Limbo, blackjack, roulette, etc.


You are dancing to some fun old tunes!   


Fortunes are being told by the fortune teller!


Some of the people at the party have been hired for your entertainment.


There is a clown, a dancer, some singers, you name it. They are all here to perform for you.


You are all having a great time when suddenly, tragedy strikes!


The police are called in and we discover that the Limbo stick has been used as a murder weapon. So has the knife that was going to be used to cut your cake.

Where did that gun come from ?  


 You learn things about your friends and family that you never knew!



This is perfect for a surprise party, too!

 This mystery is filled with fun games and contests to help you earn clues to solve the crimes! 

   This is a very interactive event!

Everyone in your group has a part in the mystery!

Several murders take place and it's up to each person to solve the crimes. Hint: The victims are members of your party!

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