Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

 Murder Mystery Dinner Parties for Chicagoland and Beyond!
Chicago, Suburbs, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, etc.
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   Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Christmas, Bachelorette, Family Reunions, Halloween, Any Event!
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Fun for Bachelorette parties or any type of all girls celebration!

Somebody hired a male stripper for the party, 

but he never reaches his destination.

 The girls are waiting for the male stripper to

perform, but he never shows up to the party.

Everyone learns more about the stripper when the

                           Police start investigating his death.

      The clues to his death reveal things that cause a lot of tension between the girls !

Play fun games like Blackjack and Roulette, visit the Fortune Teller, and win the Dance or Singing contests. Bet on the right horse in the Horse Race to earn Clues and Prizes!

HINT: 3 people in your group will be picked to be the jockeys in the horse race!

Can you solve this mystery?

Everyone gets a prize at the end!

(and it's not the male stripper )