Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

 Murder Mystery Dinner Parties for Chicagoland and Beyond!
Chicago, Suburbs, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, etc.
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Myteries For Kids

Kid-themed mysteries.

We have a 45 Min. 1920's gangster- themed kid party with a murder or without.
Click on the mystery you want below:

Solve a mystery
(Click)(No Murder) If you want to have a mystery without murder we have the children solve just a mystery. It can be the mystery of the missing :Trophy, bag of candy, etc.(You decide what the prize should be). Once they solve the mystery and find the missing items, they all get a reward for solving the mystery.

Solve a crime (Click)(Murder) If you want a murder mystery, the kids solve the crime and still get a reward at the end.

Scavenger Hunt (Click) Have a scavenger hunt party with a mystery or just a scavenger hunt.

We can have this mystery party at any location you want!

Book Your Party in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Pick the location for your party!
We can have the party in your home, school, church, etc.!

Or we can bring this party to any
VENUE you want!
Call us for a complete list of venues, including pizza restaurants!

2. Reserve the date!
Call us at 708-637-4620

3. Put down the deposit!
We require a $100 deposit.

There is a $320 minimum for up to 20 kids. If the group size is larger than 20 kids the price becomes $15 per kid.

Please call us at:708-637-4620 to book your party!

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