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Employee Revenge!

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. This is a fictitious company with fictitious characters. Any resemblance to your co-workers or your boss is purely coincidental. These characters are overly stereotypical and not meant to be taken seriously. However, if your boss or co-workers can see themselves in any of this, my advice to you would be to leave your office now by way of running and screaming!!!

 Your boss decides to have an employee appreciation party to celebrate the top achievers at your company:

"Cutting Edge Office Supplies,Inc."


There is some disagreement among the employees on who the top  people are.  Several murders take place! But who did it? Could it be the office brown nose, or  the back stabber? Maybe it's the office gossiper.

 There are several disgruntled employees, but is it the power hungry jerk or the office bimbo that wants revenge? Or does someone want to get  revenge on them?


 What weapons were used?    


       Can you solve the crimes? 

   This mystery is filled with fun team-building games and contests to help you earn clues to solve the crimes!

 This entire mystery is about 


  Everyone must work together  to find clues, play the games, and solve the crimes.

 3 people from a fictitious 

corporation called: 

"Reaching New Heights Team Building Group, Inc." 

...will lead all the activities!              

 Everyone becomes a character and they have a part to play as their character. 


 This is a very interactive event!

 Everyone in your group has a part in the mystery!

    Several murders take place and it's up to each person to solve the  crimes. 

  Hint: The victims are members of your party!

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